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Do you think of your little ones as a barrier to exercise, or a motivator?


I used to think of my kids as a deterrent to me exercising.  I would get frustrated when I would start to do a push up or crunches and they would climb on top of me constantly, getting in the way of my workout.  I’ve learned mindset is everything – well almost.  Getting some good ideas also helps too 🙂

Here are 10 easy exercises you can do with your little ones (start these TODAY!) – 

  1. Play tag. This does not have to be weather-dependent.  You can do inside or outside (just try to avoid tripping on all the toys!)  Running is one of the best, most effective cardio exercises in a short period of time – so perfect when you’re a mama!
  2. Squats.  My kids think it’s hilarious when I do squats, and they do them along with me.  It also teaches them how to count so it’s a win-win.
  3. Push-ups.  Have your little go under or on top of you if you’re daring.  It will make the workout more challenging and you won’t have to do as many reps!
  4. Crunches.  Hold your little one in place while you do them so they are not bouncing continuously on your stomach! Holding them also forces you to isolate your core even more.
  5. Lunges.  Like the squats,  you can make this into a counting game.  Have them do it with you if they’re able to stand to teach them balance.
  6. Play the dinosaur game!  This is a favorite in our house.  Our boys love dinosaurs so we pretend to be dinosaurs, have them grab onto our legs and walk around with them around the house. Great lower body workout with that resistance and everyone has fun.
  7. Side leg raises.  If you go fast enough it’ll be harder for your kids to pull on your legs or get in the way!
  8. Go for a stroller walk, preferably in a neighborhood with hills.  If you use a double stroller you get bonus points! If the weather isn’t good, take them to the mall to walk.  
  9. Join a local moms fitness group.  You’ll get to meet new mom friends, socialize and get more ideas on workouts you can do with your littles.
  10. Join a gym with a kids club so you can get in time to do something good for yourself.  It could be for a half hour even.  When my boys were infants I would bring them right after feeding them and leave when it was feeding time again…usually not too much longer at that age! It’s so awesome that a lot of gyms now offer this at a reasonable cost.  I used to feel guilty for this as it was time away from them at a young age, but if it’s for your sanity and well-being, so be it! My hubby works late often so it was my only choice to get in my workouts without kids.  Do what you need to do with your own particular situation and don’t feel guilty about it.

It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it!

…..Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll be sharing my favorite easy holiday recipes inspired by amazing dietitians!