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Your gym or fitness studio may still be closed, but there are still plenty of effective workouts you can do from the safety of your home or in nature. Keeping up with a consistent exercise routine can significantly improve your mental health right now so you keep moving forward towards your health goals. This article discusses some of the best workouts you can try right now to keep things interesting, so you don’t lose momentum.

It’s easy to get into a rut of feeling like you’re doing the same exercise routine day in and day out. Mixing up your routine and constantly challenging your body will keep things interesting, so you get the results you desire.

To keep your motivation and momentum going, here are 14 new quarantine workout ideas (plus a bonus #15 from yours truly!) and quotes from nutrition experts themselves. And if you’re home with little ones, check out my 10 exercises you can do with your kids!

Here are 14 Quarantine Workout Ideas:

1. “I love Kripalu yoga classes on YouTube” – Nancy Ferriello, MS, RD

2. “I love a simple walk in a green space because it’s relaxing and refreshing! We’re all a bit frazzled right now and getting out in nature really helps reduce stress levels” – Bri Bell, RD of Frugal Minimalist Kitchen

 3. “I’ve been offering free daily fitness & yoga classes since quarantine started. I do a mix of body weight exercises and also show how you can use household items as weights & props to change up your workout. More info & sign up hereMandy Enright, The Food and Movement RD

4. “I’ve been using the Peloton app. Many don’t realize they offer more than just cycling classes and a bike. The app offers strength training, yoga, meditation, and bootcamp classes. Since the quarantine started, they added cardio dance classes and a family fitness program. They have been offering a 90-day free trial of the app” – Jenn Lefton, MS, RD-AP

5. “Almost any workout you do in the gym you can do at home with a simple set of resistance bands. My favorite ones have hook attachments, but full loop bands are extremely useful as well! Most sets of bands will come with an instruction manual explaining different exercises and uses for the bands.” – Leah Forristall, RD, LDN

6. “ yoga” – Julee Christie MPH, RDN and certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance

7. “Les mills on demand has been keeping me sane. Weight training, dance, yoga, meditation, cardio, any kind of workout you might feel up to, they have it.” – Alina Bota RDN, LD, CD

8. “Studio Live. Their video-based treadmill workouts will make you forget you hate indoor runs. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes and range in length from 15 to 60 minutes. Free for 7 days and much less than Peleton subscription (with their treadmill classes)” – Megan Boitano, MS, RDN, Founder of

9. “Orangetheory on YouTube” – Valeria Mallett, RD, Owner of Valeria Mallett Nutrition

10. “Due to COVID19, I started teaching exercise classes online from my unfinished basement. My 10 yr old, Atley, joins me so they are family-friendly and fun! I am a certified fitness and Pilates instructor, former Div. I Strength Coach, and Registered Dietitian” – Allison Walker, RD, LD

11. “I’ve been taking 30-60 minute hike breaks sans technology. In addition to a good cardio workout, practicing mindfulness outdoors reduces cortisol levels. Leaving technology behind helps me pay more attention to plants in bloom, the smells of freshly mown grass, and the sounds of birds chirping. It’s amazing how refreshed I feel afterward!” – Erin Hendrickson, RDN 

12. “I love the yoga studio app!” – Kim Voegele Dalzell, Phd, RD

13. “I like to set up indoor or outdoor obstacle courses for myself, my husband, and the kids. We set up cones, a jump rope, rope ladders, and stations for floor exercises. We set a timer on the phone, with music blasting. The kids love it, and we sneak in a stress-reducing workout. Plus, it gets all of us away from screens!” Jamie Lee McIntyre, RDN

14. “Almost any exercise you do in a gym can be adapted using body weight and resistant bands. When I had to move 4 times in two months a little over one year ago, I packed stackable dumbbells, a portable bench and resistant bands. Here is a recent video showing form for at home biceps, triceps, and forearm exercises” – Kathy LaBella, RDN, CSSD, CMES, CPT at

Now, I’ll share with you my quarantine workout routine. For cardio, I run with my boys (5 and 3 yo) in the double stroller 3-4x/week around the neighborhood (which has A LOT of hills) and run on our treadmill on rainy days. For strength training, I do bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats, or lunges, lift weights or do kettlebell exercises.

Working out at home does not have to require fancy, expensive equipment. Try these new ideas to break the monotony and get excited for your workouts, so you’re more likely to be consistent with them! Think of your workouts as a reprieve from all going on right now and a much-needed mental break.

You absolutely can continue to stay in shape during the quarantine, so that you come out even stronger!

Did you try any of these workouts? Let me know if you liked them!

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