how to avoid overeating during the holidays

Although this holiday season may feel quite different this year, it is possible to enjoy your food, time with family, and not worry about gaining weight.  This article discusses tips on how to avoid overeating during the holidays.

One of the biggest reasons for weight gain around the holidays is a lack of planning and strategy. It also is more likely to happen if you let the holiday overindulging continue the entire season, rather than just one or two days. Remember – it’s what you do on most days that counts.

While it may be tempting to eat all the things you haven’t eaten in a while just because, it’s important to put simply put things into perspective. Do you actually like all the food you’re eating, or are you just eating it because it’s in front of you? If it’s the latter, don’t waste the calories (or your time) on it!

Ask yourself how good it would feel to not have to start yet another diet this New Year? You have enough to worry about in 2020, so don’t make things harder than they have to be.

Here are my 6 top tips to avoid overeating during the holidays.

1. Get in some physical activity.

Get in some activity earlier in the day on the holiday. When you do this, it’ll set you up for being more mindful and for better habits later in the day. Additionally, if possible, get yourself outside! The fresh air and vitamin D will improve your mood and help you to make better choices.

2. Keep food at the counter or island instead of at the table.

Your environment is huge when it comes to how and how much you eat. The traditional way of eating holiday meals is to have all the platters directly out on the table, making it all too easy to grab for more. Instead, keep platters on the counter or island and have each guest self-serve. Start having conversations with your family now about this so you’re all on the same page before the big meal.

3. Eat as you normally would earlier in the day.

In other words, don’t skip meals or “save” your calories for the holiday meal. This is such an easy trap to fall into, especially if it’s something you’ve been doing your whole life. But, it is actually sabotaging your efforts to get your eating habits under control.

The truth is, saving all your calories will actually lead to extreme hunger and will make it harder for you to control your portions. Instead, just eat as you normally would, drink plenty of water, and listen to your body telling you when it’s hungry and full!

4. Only choose foods you really like.

Don’t feel like you have to try everything. Fill your plate with your top 5 foods and leave the rest alone. Filling your belly with extra calories from food you don’t really care about is just not worth it. So many times, we overeat on food only because it’s right in front of us. You do have the control to say no when that food isn’t worth it to you!

5. Use a smaller plate for dessert.

The pies and cookies are often what throw us over the edge into a food coma. Using a smaller plate such as an appetizer-sized plate will prevent overeating and will make you feel more satisfied. If you’re using a large plate, you’ll feel inclined to fill it and will end up feeling uncomfortable.

6. Don’t feel guilty for anything and start new the next day.

Even if you overate – instead of feeling guilty and mad at yourself for it, just start fresh the next day. Don’t let it defeat you and let it blow your whole week or even worse, the whole holiday season. This is what leads to weight gain – not one day of overeating. The sooner you get back to your usual healthy routine with your diet and exercise, the easier it will be.

Remember your health goals and aspirations and let that keep you on track. The scale does not have to change just because it’s the holidays. Let this be the first year that you don’t go on another diet in January!! If you want a sustainable weight loss plan, CONTACT ME today to schedule a free consultation call.

Bottom Line: Avoiding Overeating During the Holidays

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