Melissa Mitri, MS, RD


If you’re a busy woman wanting to lose weight and learn healthy habits you can stick to,  you’re in the right place.  I’m Melissa, Registered Dietitian and mom of 2 boys.  I get the struggles. I know that some days it may seem impossible to find the time or energy to cook or to exercise. But, it absolutely is POSSIBLE with small, simple changes in habits and lots of support!


When working with me you will be provided with the guidance and support that you need to finally feel good in your body, lose weight, and develop a healthy relationship with your food.   We won’t just talk about what to eat during your counseling sessions, but how to find the time and set up a plan to actually do it.


This is the biggest piece that is lacking in many traditional nutrition plans – how to implement strategies discussed during sessions.


I know all about the guilt and have been there especially when it came to doing anything for myself.  Even when it’s something good for you, that guilt is ALWAYS there. But, it doesn’t have to be. I will work with you to rid yourself of that mindset. You will be motivated to stick to your goals as you will see how getting your nutrition in check will improve your mood, energy, and confidence in your own skin.


I specialize in women’s weight loss in the following areas:

  • Breaking the yo-yo dieting cycle
  • Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Mindful Eating/Intuitive Eating Approach
  • Emotional Eating, Stress Eating, and Food Addiction

Counseling Philosophy

Realistic Expectations

We will focus on what is realistic for you, your family and your lifestyle.


Personalized Nutrition

Prioritizing your nutrition and exercise is not always easy. But staying healthy and fit means more energy for you and your family.

Non-Diet Approach

This is a method of eating without restriction and deprivation and improving your relationship with food.

About Melissa


I have been a Registered Dietitian for over 14 years and could not see myself doing anything else.  

I became an RD because I always found the relationship between diet and health fascinating.  I have an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Connecticut and completed my Dietetic Internship at Yale-New Haven Hospital. I earned an MS in Nutrition and Wellness from the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford (completed just in time a month before my firstborn arrived!)

I am an early bird and a total science nerd.  In the early morning hours before my kiddos wake up, you can expect to see me reading and keeping up with the latest nutrition research. This is very important to me because the research is constantly changing and I have to keep up. This knowledge base is tapped during your sessions so I can guide you in your journey using the latest evidence-based information.  

Why am I qualified to help you lose weight? Because I’ve worked with hundreds of women throughout my career who have struggled with their weight and have seen what doesn’t work. Strict diets and the all-or-nothing approach doesn’t work. Through this experience, I created my 3-step framework for long-term weight loss success: Mindset, Planning, and Consistency.