Personalized Nutrition Counseling 


Are you ready to feel confident that you are doing the very best for you and your baby’s nutrition?  


Whether you are planning for a baby, are currently pregnant or a new mama, this stage of life is wonderful but can be an emotional rollercoaster for sure.   


After completing a package with Melissa,  you can expect to then enter this stage with less worry and more confidence. You will be armed with evidence-based knowledge so that you will stop staying up late googling all of those unanswered questions you have and feel rested knowing you have the tools for the best possible outcome.  


All nutrition counseling packages are for 3 months and include one 60 minute initial counseling session and two 45 minute follow ups.  


*A limited number of 30-minute Q&A sessions are offered for those who need 1:1 support to answer nutrition questions and clarify any confusion you’ve heard on a particular topic.

 If interested in this service, please contact Melissa.


Sessions are conducted virtually in the comfort of your own home or office, where we communicate on a privacy-protected video platform.  


Schedule your FREE 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your biggest goals and challenges, and determine which service fits you best.



This package will help you to:

  • Prepare your body for conceiving
  • Understand the role of your partner in your chances of conceiving 
  • Learn specific foods to improve fertility
  • Establish a healthy eating routine
  • Correct any nutrient deficiencies through food and supplements


This package will help you to:

  • Create an optimal environment for baby’s development 
  • Ensure you and baby meet your nutrient needs
  • Manage common pregnancy side effects 
  • Encourage healthy weight gain
  • Reduce your risk of complications and deliver a healthy baby



This package will help you to:

  • Replenish and regain energy after delivery
  • Establish a healthy milk supply
  • Learn which foods to focus on for your recovery and baby’s development
  • Understand how to put it all together & find time to eat properly
  • Promote healthy weight loss once at least 6 months postpartum



    Nutrition Counseling

    Each package above includes the following:

    • Three individualized counseling sessions – One 60 minute initial and two 45 minute follow up sessions
    • Weekly e-mail support and guidance to answer your pressing questions before they slip your mind
    • Food intake analysis
    • Customized meal plans with recipes and grocery lists
    • Customized supplement plans based on your individual bloodwork results and food intake analysis

    During your appointments, we will review your current diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits and their relationship to your overall health and wellness. We will identify specific nutritional needs based on the stage you are in your motherhood journey, and plan achievable ways to tweak your diet and lifestyle for the best outcome possible for both you and baby.

    Prior to your first appointment, you will fill out a questionnaire  that helps us learn more about you.  This will also make you critically think about your current habits and what your main goals are in seeking services.  Then Melissa will come in to help you to determine how to get to your goals and stay there.  Our goals we will set together will be very specific to your situation, lifestyle, schedule, and level of readiness.  

    No generic recommendations here because everyone is different!

    Counseling packages are created to give you the accountability and follow through that is necessary to keep you on track and feeling supported, as well as time to practice making changes that may be very new to you.  Customized meal plans are included in all packages so you can stop spending hours scrolling Pinterest for “healthy recipes” and spend more time with your family. Our between appointment email contact will help us stay connected.  I also highly encourage all my clients to send me a weekly food diary so I can provide regular feedback on ways to improve.  I promise you I’m a no judgement dietitian!  These weekly contacts will also give you additional opportunities to ask questions, address concerns or barriers as you think of them so they don’t slip your mind!  Ugh mom brain! 🙂 


    Customized Meal Plans

    It can be very time consuming figuring out what to cook every week, let alone finding recipes that contain foods that your body truly needs during this time.  This load will be taken off you through custom meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists at your fingertips that are Dietitian-approved, so you don’t have to question the quality of the ingredients.


    Customized Supplement Plans

    As a Dietitian, Melissa always follows a food first philosophy.  However, during the prenatal period there is a true need for supplements for critical nutrients that you are not able to get enough of in your diet.

    Based on your bloodwork and nutrition analysis, we will develop a customized supplement plan for you using only healthcare professional-quality grade supplements.  

    *We do accept FSA/HSA payments.

    *Costs of services may be partially or fully reimbursed by your health insurance.

    *10% discount offered for paying packages in full