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Are you ready to take control of your eating habits and finally keep the weight off?


At the end of the day when you finally relax, you just want to treat yourself to a big bowl of pasta or ice cream, and the last thing you want to do is exercise.  You feel out of control with your eating habits but you’re not sure how to break the vicious cycle you’re in.

Sometimes you feel so overwhelmed on what the right diet is for you that you continue eating the way you do because you’re afraid of failing.

But, you don’t feel attractive or good about yourself.  You wish you could find clothes that make you feel sexy around your partner and have the motivation to eat healthy consistently.

Did you lose some weight in the past but keep gaining it back and you’re not sure why?

Do you want to lose weight and stop overeating but feel like you’re really struggling to stay consistent and motivated?


Imagine being able to…

  • Lose the weight and keep it off, without hours at the gym or going keto.
  • Ditch strict diets that don’t allow your favorite foods and punish you for “cheating.”
  • Eat when you’re hungry and be able to confidently say no when you’re not.
  • Stop snacking on junk all day long as a pastime or as a way to cope with your emotions.
  • Eat your favorite foods without feeling guilty.
  • Have a sense of control around eating and get your life back.


All this is possible with the right guidance and support! This is exactly how I help my clients and how I will help you too. My program helps you to build consistent habits so you can get to the weight you feel your best and stay there.


This is not a cookie-cutter program where you’re thrown a generic meal plan with ingredients you’ve never heard of.


This is a 3-month Private 1:1 Nutrition Coaching program to give you the guidance and accountability you need to lose weight and keep it off.


This program is for you if:


You want to lose weight but fad diets with strict rules don’t work for you. If you feel overwhelmed with knowing what is good for you and what’s not, meal planning, and how to figure all of that out, this program is designed for you.


You’re motivated to lose weight but you need step-by-step support and accountability from an expert who has also been there.


You want to be able to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.


You want guidance on how to stop using food as a crutch to deal with stress or as a way to pass time.


You know you need to quit these habits because you know they’re the reason you are struggling to lose weight.


This is an individualized nutrition program specifically designed for women who want to lose weight, feel confident, and are done with strict diets that aren’t sustainable.


Upon completing my 3-month program you can expect to:


Lose weight by moving away from chaotic, mindless eating and constant grazing so you can feel confident in your own skin.


Establish a plan to find the time and learn how to prepare healthy, easy meals your whole family will enjoy.


Develop a healthier relationship with your food so you no longer reward yourself with food or use it as a way to deal with your problems.


Understand how to eat more mindfully so meals are more enjoyable to you and you do not have the urge to overeat.


Create a system to reduce distracted eating and establish a healthier environment in your home so that you are set up for success.

And most importantly, be consistent with your healthy habits so you see long-term results.


Here are the details on exactly what you’ll get:


  • 6 Private Bi-Weekly Nutrition Coaching Sessions with me over our three months together
  • Personal profile created for food and exercise tracking software, which includes real-time feedback from me on how you can improve
  • Customized, flexible meal plans, grocery lists and delivery options, and access to thousands of easy recipes that fit your macro needs for weight loss
  • Staple recipe analysis – We’ll discuss your favorite staple meals and how to make them healthier
  • Accountability and Support – Weekly accountability check-in’s in between sessions to help you move forward faster towards your weight loss goals
  • Resources, Worksheets, and Interactive Handouts provided after each session to put your goals into action and keep you on track




1. Are we a good fit? There’s only one way to find out.  Contact me so we can discuss your needs.

2. Where are you located? I live in a small town called Milford in Connecticut.  I work with clients locally in my Connecticut office, but also work with clients virtually all over the world!

3. Who is this program for? This program is for women who want to lose weight and feel confident in their own skin, without fad diets and rigid rules.  This program is for someone who is looking for a sustainable plan that is tailored to them, and who is motivated and ready to make the necessary changes to get there.

4. Who is this program not for? This program is not for women who are looking for a quick-fix weight loss plan or a diet with strict rules.  This program is not for those who do not want to put in the effort to see real changes.

5. Do you take insurance? I currently accept Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna, Connecticare, and Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Plans.  I am in the process of accepting additional insurances for local clients.  Always check with your individual insurance company to know your coverage.  I also accept health savings and flexible spending accounts as well as credit and debit cards.

6. What does the program cost? Your initial comprehensive nutrition session is $250 and follow-up sessions are $125. The program is structured so that we meet bi-weekly for a minimum of 3 months.

7. How do I know if I’m ready to commit or make changes?  If you feel afraid of failing or not losing weight, this is completely normal!  If you’ve had past attempts to lose weight and they didn’t work for you, that does not mean you failed. It simply means you have not yet found a system or way of eating that works for you. If your past diets did not address the root cause of your eating habits – they likely did not lead to sustainable results. In my program, we get to the root of the problem and create a plan that results in healthier coping mechanisms so you don’t revert back to old habits.  Change is always scary and you may never feel 100% ready – but if you feel almost ready the time is now! I’ll coach you through every step of the way to reduce your fears.

8. What if I still need support after the 3 months? We will work together as long as needed to help you meet your goals! I work with many of my clients for 6, 9, or 12 months. My most successful clients are fully committed and are patient with themselves with their progress and their journey. I also offer a monthly maintenance program for when you feel you no longer need as much accountability or support.


Ready to get the support you need to reach your goals?