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By: Melissa Mitri, MS, RD

Updated May 11, 2023

vegan breakfast for weight loss

Photo credit: Brooke Lark via Unsplash

Getting in a filling, high-protein breakfast is important for many reasons, but even more so if you’re trying to lose weight. But if you’re following a vegan diet, it can be challenging to get in enough protein at breakfast without conscious effort. If you’re constantly Googling “vegan breakfast for weight loss ideas,” this article includes both sweet and savory options.

If you’re not currently eating breakfast, or you’re finding yourself starving an hour after eating it, you may not be getting in enough vegan breakfast protein. I see this as a common theme with many of my weight loss clients – and it sets them up for failure.

However, once you learn how to create the best vegan breakfast ideas for weight loss, you’ll find it much easier to control cravings throughout the day and see the results you’re looking for. And best of all, a healthy vegan breakfast doesn’t have to take more than 5-10 minutes to prepare!

Read on to learn the benefits of breakfast for weight loss and 10 healthy vegan breakfasts for weight loss.

10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

These vegetarian breakfast recipes for weight loss are all high in protein and fiber and relatively low in calories – 3 essentials for a filling breakfast. Especially if you’re following a volume eating pattern that emphasizes these foods, this list will get you started with some super simple ideas.

1. Black Bean and Avocado Toast

Prep time: 5 minutes Total time: 5 minutes

I love me some avocado toast, but on its own, it really doesn’t pack enough protein to hold you over long enough. This delicious avocado toast recipe is topped with black beans for added protein and fiber – 2 essentials for a fat-burning breakfast.

vegan breakfast for weight loss black bean avocado toast

Photo credit: Give Recipe

It also contains the natural anti-inflammatory and metabolism-boosting monounsaturated fats from the avocado. Best of all, it only contains 5 ingredients and takes just 5 minutes to prepare. Fast, nutritious, and satisfying!

Pro tip: make sure your avocados are soft and ripe, so you can easily spread them on the toast. You can also add some tofu scrambled eggs on top (see how to make these below for my #2 fav!) to bump up the protein further.

2. Vegan Tofu Scrambled Eggs

Prep time: 10 minutes Total time: 25 minutes

Eggs are one of the best protein sources for breakfast, but if you’re vegan you can easily replicate the traditional scrambled eggs with tofu. With a few simple ingredients, this recipe will match the protein content of eggs sans saturated fat. 

vegan breakfast idea for weight loss tofu scrambled eggs

Photo credit: The Green Loot

It also takes less than 5 minutes to make – making it totally feasible for a quick morning rise on work days or on busy weekends with the family. 

Pro tip: Don’t skimp on seasoning for the tofu, follow the recipe instructions for seasoning so your tofu is a flavorful egg substitute.

3. Vegan Protein Oatmeal

Prep time: 5 minutes. Total time: 35 minutes

This vegan-friendly protein oatmeal is abundant in protein, and no protein powder is needed! Compared to traditional oatmeal that only contains oats, this vegan oatmeal adds a serving of lentils to instantly boost the protein and fiber content. 

vegan breakfast for weight loss vegan oatmeal

Photo credit: The Heart Dietitian

These are a winning combination to keep your belly full all morning long! 

Pro tip – You can meal prep this in advance on the weekend or the night before, and it’ll stay fresh for 3-4 days. When reheating, add a bit of extra water or non-dairy milk if needed to smooth it out.

4. Vegan Blackberry Smoothie

Prep time: 10 minutes Total time: 10 minutes

This super easy and creamy smoothie is sure to keep you full until lunch. It contains soy milk, several delicious fruits, and oats to round out this fiber-packed vegan breakfast for weight loss. 

vegan breakfast for weight loss vegan smoothie

Photo credit: Hurry The Food Up

This recipe is especially perfect for busy mornings and when you’re on the go, so you can sip on it while you’re getting ready, on the way to work, or in the office.

*Pro tip – Soy milk is the highest protein non-dairy milk available, but if you dislike it, pea milk is a close second.

5. Vegan Banana Protein Muffins

Prep time: 5 minutes. Total time: 30 minutes

Many muffins are loaded with sugar and are lacking in the protein department. This often leaves you feeling staaarving shortly into your morning. 

Fortunately, these contain 10 grams of vegan breakfast protein per serving, making them a perfect make-ahead breakfast for weight loss. You can also add nuts, seeds, or dark chocolate chips for an added flavor boost.

vegan breakfast for weight loss banana protein muffins

Photo credit: Okonomi Kitchen

Pro tip – Make a big batch of these on weekends and eat throughout the week. After 5 days, freeze the rest and thaw out in the microwave as needed.

6. Vegan Protein Pancakes

Prep time: 5 minutes. Total time: 10 minutes

Do you love pancakes, but shy away from them because you’re concerned about the calorie content? Not to worry about this one – this recipe will satisfy a sweet breakfast craving with fewer calories. 

vegan breakfast for weight loss vegan protein pancakes

Photo credit: Running on Real Food

It also contains a whopping 16 grams of protein per serving – which is very hard to find in a pancake. And with just a few simple ingredients plus vegan protein powder, this recipe comes together in no time.

Pro tip – Make ahead on the weekends, freeze, and re-heat throughout the week.

7. Vegan Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins (5-ingredient)

Prep time: 5 minute. Total time: 15 minutes

I know I already shared another vegan muffin recipe, but I had to include these ones too because they are just SO easy. They come out perfectly fluffy, only contain 5 ingredients, and have 21 grams of protein per serving (the equivalent of 3 whole eggs!). 

vegan breakfast for weight loss vegan chocolate chip muffins

Photo credit: The Big Man’s World

If you need a lot of protein to stay satisfied, this is the breakfast for you. They are also kid-approved in my house as well (and trust me that’s not easy when your kids are obsessed with Entenmann’s Little Bites Muffins).

Pro tip – Store in individual servings in Ziploc bags to prevent overeating. 

8. Vegan High Protein Breakfast Burrito

Prep time: 6 minutes. Total time: 16 minutes

When you’re craving a savory breakfast, this vegan breakfast burrito is sure to please. Between the seasoned scrambled tofu and black beans, it’s packed with plant-based protein and fiber to keep you full for hours.

vegan breakfast for weight loss high protein breakfast burrito

Photo credit: Melissa Traub

This breakfast comes in handy for those extra busy days – the kind of days where you may forget to eat a mid-morning snack or lunch. 

Pro tip – If you’re sensitive to fiber, start with a ½ portion of this meal the first few times to allow your body to adjust. Drink plenty of water with it to aid in digestion.

9. Strawberry Banana Spinach Smoothie

Prep time: 5 minutes. Total time: 5 minutes

Many smoothie recipes may appear to be healthy but in reality, are not. Most of them are actually completely sugar-laden or only hold you over for an hour. This smoothie is nutritionally complete for a weight loss meal, contains 16 grams of plant protein, and has a balance of fruit and veggies.

vegan breakfast for weight loss Strawberry banana spinach smoothie

Photo credit: POPSUGAR

Smoothies are also super convenient – you can sip on them while you’re getting ready, during your morning commute, or in your morning meetings. 

Pro tip – Add a handful of ice for a more chilled texture, or use frozen fruit as your fruit and ice source.

10. High Protein Chia Pudding 

Prep time: 5 minutes. Total time: 5 minutes (made in advance)

If you’re getting bored with the traditional breakfast options, give chia pudding a try. While you can find hundreds of chia pudding recipes online, most don’t contain enough protein or calories to count as a meal. 

Because they’re so versatile, I often recommend oats and chia seeds for weight loss to my clients. This chia pudding recipe packs 21 grams of protein and only 261 calories per serving, making it a wonderful healthy vegan breakfast for weight loss.

vegan breakfast for weight loss  protein chia pudding

Photo credit: Trifecta Nutrition

It also only takes 5 minutes to make and can be made in advance (in fact, it needs to be made in advance for it to become pudding). After making it, let it sit overnight to be enjoyed the next morning.

Pro tip – Add just a sprinkle of toppings so as to not influence the calorie content.

What are the benefits of breakfast for weight loss?

Breakfast continues to be one of the most important meals of the day. But why? Well, there are many reasons, but for the purposes of this article let’s focus specifically on how it helps with weight loss.

It kickstarts your metabolism

You don’t have to eat as soon as you get up, but eating a good breakfast shortly after waking helps kick your metabolism into high gear. 

Especially if you have a good amount of protein with your breakfast, your body has to work harder to digest it. This helps with revving up the engine sooner rather than later in the day when your metabolism tends to slow down.

It gives you energy and fuel if you’re working out

If you’re a morning workout person, eating a good breakfast is essential. Whether it’s before working out or shortly after is a matter of preference, but you need to have something in order to reap the benefits from your workout sesh. 

It curbs your appetite and may prevent cravings later in the day

Eating a well-balanced breakfast can help you eat less later in the day when motivation typically starts to fizzle. After my clients start eating a good breakfast, we notice a big improvement in how they eat later in the day.

If you are finding yourself craving snacks or sweets from late afternoon until bedtime, eating a solid breakfast will help set you up for success throughout the day. Otherwise, your body will keep trying to play catch-up all day and will scream out for high-calorie food.

It helps you meet your daily calorie needs

You may be thinking “shouldn’t I be cutting calories if I’m trying to lose weight?” While it’s true that a calorie deficit is required for you to drop pounds, going too low on calories sets you up for failure. 

Finding that happy calorie medium (through the help of a calorie-tracking app or Dietitian) is what will support your weight loss goals.

Key Takeaways

With this deliciously healthy vegan breakfast protein list, you’ll never have to Google “vegan breakfast for weight loss” again. Eating a well-balanced, filling breakfast is key to curbing cravings throughout the day and supporting your weight loss goals.

If you’re seeking quality content like this to build your weight loss brand authority, contact me to discuss your needs.

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